My First Jawn

So I'm the Sunni Butch. Muslimah and very queer. Only child of an Imam raised like the son that wasn't coming. My family really dosen't care much who you fuck. So long as you aren't stupid. So long as you aren't a burden on the're good. Now if I was a quadraplegic and a Lesbian...whoa now. That would be problematic.

So as the blog header states. This is the Butch Caucus. Where Butch women of colour can come and ask the hard questions. Share their thoughts from - booty on the first date to transgender politics and how they relate to us or if they relate at all. Ideally - I'd like to form something outta this blog. A physical group of sexy butch women of colour to fraternize and politic with. (Not to mention a massive Butch Superbowl Party to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles
dominance of the NFC EAST & the National Football League)

As I am not an authority on anything I invite all of y'all to share your thoughts - oh white folks...get your own shit.

Does anyone else watch "A Baby's Story" on TLC ? - I get so bloody weepy. When the baby comes out and the family get all happy. Wow.

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stamina_T said...

hey ya, just wana applaud your courageous and spectacular words of wisdom.
im actually situated in london,England.are dykies out here bidded to comment in this forum? coz im dying to get some shit started out here, finally something us butches can pin point and call "our own thang".

oh im black.