What's on the Tele.

My new favorite show is. Everybody hates Chris. When I was 13 I felt like a buster. I wasn't shopping for myself yet and my mom would not buy me anything recent. I was a buster. My moms didn't believe in "spending all that money on a fad" and this is Philly so I missed out on the bomber jackets and the sherlings, the herringbones and the name rings. Damn. I was dressing like malcolm X early son. Early. but it did give me a certain freedom. There's a point in fashion were it's not old it's vintage. I was vintage way before it was VOUGE.

The only thing I had going for me was my sneakers. The butchest thing I owned. I was wearing boys kicks out the box. I knew my size and thought ladies kicks were wack, too narrow and they came in ugly colours. I wanted Navy not sky blue. I didn't even think about the tarheels then.

What is my butch root. When did I get my diddy bop ? My swagger. Ima think on it.

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Anonymous said...

check out Noah's Arc on Logo. it's funny as hell, sweeter than sugar and sadly, only on (new episodes) Weds at 10.

yeah, Chris is cool too.