Baby I'm a Star

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to support one of my homies in her vision of successful. You might know of the band Brooklyn Funk Essentials or maybe you know her by name Hanifah Walidah. I'm humbled by being tapped by another fly progressive butch woman for a lead in her national syndicated video Make a Move, now appearing on LOGO network television. What !

One spring weekend, in a brownstone in Brooklyn, she staged something that has never been seen before. This video would be a first of its kind in that it depicts gay women of color in a celebratory, complex and witty manner. The video opens with 8mm footage of a woman’s party, in the mid-50’s, at a house in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Fast forward 50 years… we find ourselves at that same house and the party continues… but with different women. The video shoot featured an all queer, predominantly women and trans cast and crew and includes performances by underground and chart topping ‘out’ women artists of color. Some of which include house music recording artist (#3 on the Billboard dance charts) Deepa Soul, Comedian Gloria Bigelow, Tika Milan who will be featured on MTV’s upcoming reality series focusing on entertainment journalists and Zina Camblin, Broadway bound playwright and prodigy of Whoopi Goldberg.


luisa said...

great video! i love the astetics. and everyone's clothes. :)

Frowner said...

Hi there. I saw this over at BFP, and those sure are some sharp-dressed people! I could watch something like that all day for all the different details, lyrics, etc. Nice!