Last Night

Scandal Shock and Outrage.
Some of you have asked why I refer to some women as bitches.

My grandma taught me that word and when to use it.
Don't talk about my grandma.

Last Night or the Social Escapades of a Single Butch.

So I'm out. Chilling. Scoping the scene.
I've watched a lot of women come in and fill the club. I met a good friend of one ex and two of her friends. I'm broke + sober, but I still managed good spirits despite the clubs' dj clearly having a problem finding where he put his "house" records.

[When] I spied with my two eyes a fine fine woman.
She had the mouth [i like], she had the eyebrow arch [i like], she was buster brown, wearing camoflauge and a wife beater [befitting], body for days and I know it sounds dumb but she looked smart.

What took the cake and gave me my motivation to check her, was the fact that she was going crazy dancing to Glamourous Life by Sheila E plus the woman could move.

I get it up to walk over and say something to her and I swear on everything that is holy. I get no more than 5 feet from her and a dude [bio boy] passes in front of her.

She recognizes him and taps him and says
"who you here with?"

My dude goes into something that looks like both dismissal and denial. She continues her questioning between Raspberry Beret and some Bachata music
and It almost looks like he's going to get away with the blow off.

As he starts to walk away she grabs him by his chain, pulls him around and asks.


:: I'm watching the whole thing trying to figure out who needs help the most ::

2 face mushings , 1 slap, popped bling and a shirt jerk later...he decides (with good reason) to leave.

Super stimualted by her but cautious and a bit discouraged I follow her to the door and ask.
"Was that your dude?"

She responded " No that was my Ex Husband. Drama"

Exactly what I don't need.

I can't make this stuff up.

Chiggitty Check Yourself

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Kalimah said...

hhaha. damn.just damn
how's the beach?