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Do Do Do Do Do Ditty Do
Do Do Do Do Do Di Do Do
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do…..

Shanice Wilson

Born in Pittsburgh, Shanice, before her teen years relocated to Los Angeles with her mother and aunt who were interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. Shanice's showmanship was evident from an early age and this move was also to benefit her career. Shanice's talent gave her the opportunity to star in a KFC commercial with the legendary Ella Fitzgerald at age nine. Later, she was discovered by A&M Records at the age of eleven, and released her debut album, Discovery in 1987, which wasn't a huge pop hit, but did score R&B chart action, and the singer a 1987 Soul Train Award nomination for Best R&B/Urban Contemporary New Artist; she lost the award to R&B singer Miki Howard. Shanice went on to sign a record deal with Motown Records in 1991. Her 1991 album Inner Child which sold 1.1 million copies[citation needed], includes the popular hit single "I Love Your Smile", produced by Narada Michael Walden.

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She was like the Black Aimee Grant (Remember her? Baby , Baby I'm taken with the notion….?). Queen of New Jack R&B, a clearly talented singer with a vocal range in the whistle scales. Yet, for all of her skills and talent she never got the noteriaty of the Mary J's and the Keyshia Coles of the world. I blame electric drums, Teddy Riley and the New Jack corner her label painted her into. She married Flex and became Ms. Flex and we never heard another thing from her.

Top 3 Favorite Songs by Shanice

Turn Down the Lights
It's for You
I Love Your Smile

Super Straight Second Runner Up for Throwback Crush of the Month

Born to a gospel minister, she grew up singing in the church and was heavily influenced by the music of George Duke and Lee Ritenour. While in high school, she decided to make a career of singing. She was a successful beauty pageant contestant and model when, at age twenty-two, she was discovered by the MCA Records executive Louil Silas. Moore was signed to Silas' MCA-distributed imprint Silas Records.

From 1997 to 2000, she was married to actor Kadeem Hardison. Together, the couple had a daughter, Sophia Hardison. In January 2002, she married singer Kenny Lattimore.[1] On April 10, 2003, their son Kenny was born.

Chante always come off as a straight devout woman. Her rhythms are always followed by blues. In It's Alright she sings to the man with whom she's having trouble with:

When teardrops fall,
running down, running down my face,
I need you, please hear me,
baby I need you here, beside me,
everyday I need to know, that you will not leave me,
promise me, tell me we can work it out,
Ooh baby without a doubt,
it will be alright

She's there. She's not going no where. In a nutshell – trouble don't last always. I like that about her music. It's not for the good times. It's for all times. It's not about the happy parts of love. It's about the real parts of life that make love happen, that make love stay.

Why the hell am I so idealistic?

I blame serial monogamy.

Top 4 Favorite Songs by Chante Moore

I Love You [duet with Keith Washington]
Bitter [aka the Kadeem Hardison diss track]
Straight Up [the 2step version is a monster]

It's Alright

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