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Dissed by Remy, a studs lament

Look at this vid yo. This poor stud is emotionally snitching on herself. She's all distressed because Remy ain't calling her no more. It's sad really. She get's an answer on the phone and the first thing out her mouth is "why you frontin on me?" C'mon buddy. She answered the phone schun! Where's your mack at.

#1. Your game is wack.

#2. What were those one's ?

Damn right Remy hung up on that ass. She got blonde bangs now. What!!! I see skin lightening in her future ala Lil Kim...mebbe she'll get a TV show like EVE. After she get out Rikers.

Young homie. Step your game up. Throw some of that dough in her commissary. Get a clean do rag. Find another set of words for Na mean and stop whining over Remy on record. It's making us look bad. I understand heartbreak, but sit with your emotions why you gotta be on blast mode. You know folks ain't trying to have their shit out there like that and you let some hood knuckle head juice you for gossip. Boo. Your snitch rating is so high right now, I wouldn't even sell you a bootleg DVD.

Question for The Butch Caucus:
What would you have said if Remy took your call


Anonymous said...

"A Stud's Lament?!!" Hilarious!

Q_Dangles said...

Come at her as an old friend..and get in later!

Anonymous said...

And thats def Nicki Minaj