Text Me Your Love, Email me your STD status.

I had my own STD scare in college. I had some risky sex and found out through rumors and other networks that I girl I had been with had HPV. I marched my ass to the clinic and put my entire sexual history on the books. I remember having to confess all my dirty dyke secrets to a homophobic west indian physicians assistant. I told her that my face was were disease may have been, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO !

There was no shame in my game. I got every test known to man that day and came up roses (to this day!). What the triflin hoe didn't know is that my first girlfriend in life had HPV but since my EX was a grown ass woman we practiced safe sex. I knew then, just as I know now that you can still have a sex life with an STD. Thank god for honest women.

But this. Wow. I personally consider this a good thing. For all the wimps, punks, and ignoramuses who can't tell you that they have an STD before you have sex there's a new anonymous way to let folks know that you got the bug and they might too.

At least you know right?

STD Notification Service

Play safe Caucus.

Here's my favorite. Wish it had a girl on it. (but that's how I feel about most things.)

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