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Profile: Sam: "


You can call me… Sam

I identify as… a lesbian-identified bisexual. a (wo)man. a “girl” who has “boy” days… often. QUEER-ish.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … i couldn’t care less. i usually get hit with the “she,” but on the rare occasions when i catch a wayward “he”… it doesn’t really surprise me. i mean…why not?

I’m attracted to… butchy girls. future wnba stars. pantheism. men over 6 feet tall. Liars and Frauds, or anyone who can tell a story and get away with it. other foster faces.

When people talk about me, I want them to… look me in the eye. mean what they say. realize that just because i’m masculine doesn’t mean i’m a dyke. just because i’m gay doesn’t mean i’m a lesbian…

I want people to understand… and just because im not a boy, that doesn’t necessarily mean i’m a girl either. that i wouldn’t give up my black (wo)manhood for the world. and that their son or daughter could get it. bisexuality is not a disease.

About Sam

I will be 19 years next week. My wife just left me, but i wear her ring everyday. I work as an advisor to incoming freshman and transfer students at my university, and although they don’t understand me, they love me just the same. & so should everyone. Foster care fosters creativity, and sometimes, even love. Biracial is beautiful.

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