The Art of Keeping a Stud.

I follow butch stuff.  I actively seek out things that are not only queer but queer or gay in the way that it relates to masculinity in women.

That's my official stance on why the f*ck I stay on Craigslist.

The Art of Keeping a Good Stud is the perfect example of what I would consider a payoff for such tenacious browsing.

This is the word for word quote from the entire listing. I'm not even gonna correct the spelling.  I'm not sayings she's 1000% correct or this is the way, but she's on to something.


The Art of Keeping a good stud

"I write this post in hopes of helping opther feminine women understand how to keep a good woman, specifically a sexy strong stud. About me, I am very strong willed and minded I have dated women exclusively for 9 years and I realized a good stud is hard to find. I dated fanatics, possible drug rehabilitators, people who thought they ha dit going on. LOL..I even dated someone who I had fun with but at the end of the day I needed more more my 12 year old son and future. Although the relationship I will describe, I am no longer in, I can look back and remember the good times. I met "Shane" (name not real) at a time where I had met plenty of women but none quit perked my attention. My first mistake was I had dated so long I doubted i could never find that "one" so I didn't properly excercise how to act when one I feell for" came. I didn't lay out my my plan or what I would be willing to do but I talked about it. I got scared to love, I should have taken care of me more for her( I began to get comfortable), I didn't allow me to blossom with this woman who I loved so much. We look back and laugh, but my heart still skips a beat when I smell her cologne in the streets, it doesn't quite smell like it does when she wears it. I don't thinks she ever knew the true me that I love to cook, clean, be attentive, it was almost as if I choose to run her away. Studs will be hard and act hard but at the end of the day, they want to be pampered, loved, respected and I think many of us go wrong in not claiming them as if they were a man. I know many of you women are like "WHAT" look I know being with a woman is fundamnetally different but at times I would talk back in ways I would never to a man when I dated one, my family was accepting but my fathers approval or lack there or wasn't as flexible as when I had dated a man. I write this because stubborness doesn't bring love. -Terriisa 

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3 comments: said...

hahahaha, I got all excited when I saw a link to "tenacious".

I'm a dork.

Anyway, I gotta say she makes some good points there... :)

Tiffany said...

She makes a few valid points. In my opinion no matter if you date a man or a woman respect is a must and trust in self, your woman, and in the relationship is also sufficient. When you're in love with someone it is very easy to forget self and do all you can to please that person. And on the opposite hand, you can get so self absorbed with an emotional crisis you've created and end up emotionally abandoning your relationship.

I can honestly say I was expecting a list of rules and bilaws to jot down into my composition, but instead she stated the obvious "don'ts".

I've been single a year and three months now and I am well aware that I may not know The Art of Keeping A Stud.. lol

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I think she's right about loving, and not holding back. She's also right about Respect but Im not sure about "talking back and if they were a man..." Just try to be yourself and the same for the other person.