Moving Forward

Happy New Years! This is my first post of 2010. I have been asked more than a little bit what is The Butch Caucus. So here's the unabridged explanation.

Q:What is the Butch Caucus ?
A: We are an unofficial association of butch,stud,ag,dom,ftm, genderqueer, and transcurious persons.

Q:Who are the members of The Butch Caucus?
A:Any butch,stud,ag,dom,ftm,genderqueer, and trans-curious who has the courage to identify and introduce themselves to a butch,stud,ag,dom,ftm,genderqueer, or trans-curious that they don't know in order to show respect is considered for membership.

Q:What are the benefits of membership?
A:Quite simply, influence.

[Ed. Note: We are a oxymorons. There are few of us, but I see us everywhere. And when I do, to the few of you that I have had the chance to meet in person, I introduce myself. I'm just like you fam. I'm out here in the world and obviously gay/queer. I get the same, looks, comments, gestures. I get challenged everyday by something or someone. Am I too hard to be up in this college's ladies room. I sometimes question what people see when they see me. Am I passing today.]

If we can greet, each other, regularly meet with each other, and show each other respect with no less than a nod. Then we will have created a bond. The same principle found in sorority, fraternity, family, company, or platoon. If we could move at once, in unison, We can shake the ground. Tilt the scale. Swing the vote.

Let us consider this a mutually beneficial relationship and create the network.

If you see a butch,stud,ag,dom,ftm, genderqueer, or transcurious person, that you've never met before.
Hit me up and tell me about it. I want to know how you felt and what you said.

Q:What comes after that?
A: Let's see how this goes.

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