Stud like whut.
Look like Chris Brown & Tyga went and stole ole girls swag, flow, beat, and hook.

I'm mean it is some Jerk ish.
[If you don't follow westcoast trends you might not get that new boyz joke]


Peep the letter.

I'm Lady G Da Real Deal an independent artist and songwriter from LA, who has written songs for Snoop, Queen Latifah, Lil Fizz and J Boog of B2k and Chris Brown's artist Scooter Smiff, I've also co written with T.I.and host of other artists . Anyway, Chris Brown and Tyga released a video yesterday called "Holla at me". Where they use my lyrics and catch phrase on the hook.

My song that they wrongfully used is called "Poppin'(Super Turnt Up)" (the reason he saying "I'm Turnt Up, I'm Super Turnt Up). I've included the link to my video which was shot Sept. 2009. They been playing my song on the radio in LA since Dec. 2009. I know this is not a coincedence because like I stated earlier I write for his artist and his artist is actually dancing in both of our videos. Plus all know the same people in LA and Hollywood.

I'm not one to internet beef or twitter bang on weak ass uncreative n***as like these two losers trying to get back on. I've worked hard everything I'm doing and its not cool for n***as to think they just steal somebody swag and song because they're new artists.

So help me expose them AHH. Check out my video, listen to my hook and check out they weak ass shit.

Even if you dont post this, this is not the last you gon hear about it and will be posting it sooner or later but I'm a fan of the site so I'm giving you guys the exclusive because unlike Tyga b***h ass, I am from LA and my city supports me and if I dont get word back from them soon, they gon have to leave the little hollywood hideout.

Look into it though, and I'd appreciate your help in exposing these n***as once again.

Check the Myspace for Lady G face and body:
Find her tunes:

Here's CB & Tyga's song....

What do you think.

[shout out to illseed/rumors/]


Anonymous said...

Bullshit....Lady G sounds like lil wayne...wayne should charge her for his style....Tyga's a beast and Chris does his thang...sit back and help music become dead

Mighty Mo said...

Wow, I DO hear the similarities. If yours (Lady G) came out first then I can understand your beef.

Anonymous said...

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