The New Year

Talk about transitioning. I'm going through major major changes man. I've determined that mean does not equal sexy. C'mon fellas. you know. the ooh get when you see those majorly fine women deflect all advances. You supe yourself up and hope that your game is the smoothest. Well mine usually was. But keeping the smooth sh*t up is work. 'Cause a negroe like me...needs a rest. sometimes I'm corny. Sometimes I'm a bit of a dork. an emotive human. That super butch sh*t is good for like a month. Then your period comes.

that said I'm changing mad sh*t. In my life. In my house. in my game.

  • my job - let's talk about the superstar dj.
  • my coast - gimme a year - I'm the f*ck outta here.
  • my living room walls - graf artists get at me.
  • my roommate - I gotta find one.
  • Both of my voicemail messages - celly and the home phone. If you know me, it's a major accomplishment. major.
That's not all but that where I'm starting. What a difference a day makes.

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