Whoa now. Whoa.

I am a neglectful blog wretch.
I should forget my ATM pin and never be allowed more than a megs worth of email space.

And I'm joking.

I'm listening to Hate it or Love It...

My favorite line - by 50 Cent is:
"Comin up I was confused my momma kissin a girl " - this is the first f*cking line. Lol. I love it.

I'm at work - bored and undermotivated. I just got a new Gary Fisher Bike. I think I'm too secretive for this blog shit for real though...

I'm like - do I really want cats knowing my inner most thoughts. the leo in me is saying uhhhh yea.... Pontificate....

but the me who dosen't want to read into faces is saying be invisible. that's the thing about being a butch...it's like your sexuality is on your sleeve. Invisibility is not an option.

Butches (talking to you) - Do ever notice that the straightest person...is always starting to "question their sexuality" around the time you - are hired, have arrived, stay late, whatever. It's just impossible to look ungay as a masculine woman....even if you are straight...how many tall basketball playing straight girls get lumped into being gay. Trust me - as former spanish tutor to a very cute collegiate all girls team...basketball does not equal dyke.

ugh. trust this isn't the most astute critical analysis I can make. it's not even close. I'm just sleepy right now.

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