Tell me if you know what a hustlers can do.

The butch caucus is about the masculine female. Its about fashion. It’s about true butch behaviors. Looking good. Smelling good. Chivalry. Fidelity. Romance. Loyalty And then there’s the pimpery.. Ahem.

That aside. Here is where I’ma put that thought down. Have a conversation with myselves about how I’m calling it. Everyday. I’m inviting butches of colour to participate in the dialogue. To say what’s up. To develop crew and community. No corniness allowed. These conversations need to be had in order to provide perspective and depth to the mystery of the two spirit. The masculine woman.

Lets get the ball moving. We’ll have conversations that are petty and we’ll also get deep but it’s our space for it.

It’s the Butch Caucus. What?

What I’d like to do is start over. I wasn’t really very good at this (blogging) when I first started it. I’m saying, butches lack friends. We’ll have a crew but a cute crew butches are rare. When they find a girl to hold them down. Excuse me a femme. Man we disappear.

I had a butch mentor growing up in Philly she didn’t know I was checking her out. There were lessons she taught me indirectly how to walk, how to talk, how to have presence, and most importantly how to mack.

We still need you player. 5 rules that I abide by: Don’t let anybody fuck with your money, your job, your moms, and your schedule. The last one is do what you love and the rest will come.



sereneone said...

What's up? I guess I'm writing out of curiosity more than anything else. If I'm keepin it real, I've always been reluctant to categorize myself as butch. But the label has attached itself to me and I haven't tried real hard to shake it. All I know is I'm a woman first. Yet, I have to admit that Stacy Adams is all over my closet and I can't leave my house unless I have on the right cologne and yeah the boxers. But when I look in the mirror I see pretty eyes, long eyelashes and feminine features. The contradiction.... Who am I really? I say I'm okay with who I am yet I am offended when a cashier or whomever calls me sir. Do I look like a fuckin' sir to you?!!!??? yeah, I guess I do. Ceasar cut, dress shirt, tie, slacks. To most people all that shit would add up to a sir. But I'm a woman. I'm a woman with style, class, dignity, self respect and love for other women. I'm smart enough and old enough to know that being a masculine female does not define my entire existance. Some days I love who I am and other days I wonder.....

Sunni Butch said...

Yea. I catch the same L's. I don't know when I started calling myself butch. I think when I heard old school butches referring to themselves as butches. I was like it isn't a curse word. It's an adjective. It's a descriptive short hand word to describe a masculine woman and that's what I am. A masculine woman. Sometimes cats with jokes or no brains or real political analysis - say that if I had on a dress I'd look different. You know what I'd look like. A boy in a dress. My hands hang wrong, my body gestures are broad and wide, My walk isn't graceful, more like purposeful. I heard somewhere that women move in curved lines and men in straight lines. Then where on the grid is the butch woman. The left hook...the suprise. Wherever the fuck we want to be I guess. Cause growing up masculine isn't easy.

Queerness is the original wildcard. Someday's I feel so proud. and others just plain scared.

I'll share a story on the TBC about sir drama.

Thanks for commenting and posting. keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

i guess as an old butch (old school? i don't know about all that...)i don't have a problem with being called sir. lady, miss, they burn me up. if someone can look at me and see a lady? gitdaf"outtahere....LOL. even if i did mess around and put on a dress.

2 things

1. i think of queerness as being kind of on a number line. 0-10
0 - a femme. the ones who really dig butches and ftms. 10 a butch. the kind who finds very little femmine in themselves. close to being trans but comfortable without making that leap. in between are the rest.

when a 0 can find a 10 (or vice versa) life is a wonderful thing. when either gets stuck with the any of the others its a tough row to hoe.

and lastly on the 1st thing - 0's & 10's are the rarest queers on the planet. we get stuck a lot.

2. the other thing is that when i was growing up, the older butches that i knew were more commonly called bulldaggers. style? yeah, but it wasn't the clothes. it was the power and strength in them. that is what i took away from my early lessons - be strong, stay strong. never doubt self.