Who You Calling a Bitch ?

Yo Latifah we can do this….. Okay so. I never really had beef with Latifah. I admire her. She was like a butch role model for me. No. She never came out or anything like that. However, she was harder than Mariah. It was the face of 90's hip hop. Pimping oneself hadn't become a matter of flesh yet. The hood opinion of itself was that we weren't one to be taken advantage of and if you tried. You might get your ass kicked.

No, for real.

In 1989 it was on. Vicariously my burgeoning masculine identity grew through Latifah (and MC Lyte more on that later). She was tall. Brown. Thick. And smart. She was the epitome of feminist black nationalism for the hip hop generation. She had backup dancers. The Safari Sisters. Fuck being a tomboy if I could just be a girl/woman like her it wouldn’t even matter. I would have respect. That’s what she had. Respect.

I learned to embrace my history through the stories 90’s hip hop was telling I was a backpacker and Queen Latifah was the first lady of conscious rap. I rocked red, black and green everyday. You couldn’t front on nationalism styles. That in itself was disrespectful. I brought the brown to my white ass school everyday and taught them words like dashiki and huto jambo.

Her first album All Hail the Queen was exactly what I needed. Hard. Smart. and to the point. I would also like to point out that the first song I ever heard in life was - Come into My House. I'll repeat that: THE FIRST HOUSE SONG I EVER HEARD WAS - COME INTO MY HOUSE. The Queen in Ms. Latifah was becoming more and more evident with each hook of "Give Me Body, Give Me Body" I loved the sound. I loved the range she could do no wrong.

Ms. Owens moved into acting – this seemed to be the one place that either made or broke hip hop artist. You either came off corny, wack, or the audience was like “Damn, Let me find out they can act” Enter Set it Off. What is my blog called ? Dammit I said what is it called. I’m not even gonna speak on the role. But it was good. Why, cause she wasn’t acting.

Somewhere. Somehow things got ugly. She killed it when asked to sing. But now they wanted a show. A show of ass. Of flesh. The parades of yes men saying "you’re beautiful in that gown". A GOWN. Queen Latifah. Is not a gown wearer. Sure Sure. Dana Owens is not ugly. But she just isn’t the gown sort. More like Prada suits. (See Diane Keaton & Ellen Degeneres - Oprah is the Gown wearer) The yes men, turn Yes’m when the minstrel show asked her to be, what ? Funny. There’s nothing like black buffoonery, let’s put you with Steve Martin he’s good at prat falls and accidents….we need you to make your eyes biiiiiiiiig. Real biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig.

Mister Charley? Mister Charley?

The shuck soon turned to jive which brings me to the reason I’m posting. I was minding my business watching the fake lesbians fuck on Showtime. When I caught a preview of Queen’s latest: Last Holiday. I have suffered with her success, wanting for her the freedom of pride. I have seen her play a madam, a cop, a nanny, & lots of a loud ass black stereotypes. But the this, this was last straw. She’s playing meek, shy, and doomed. And to top it off – she kisses LL. It’s Ladies Love Cool J not Dykes Love Cool J. (He has nice lips I'll admit. dick sucking lips they're called)

What the Fuck! Isn’t that some incestual hip hop shit. I mean if anyone knows what’s up with La it’d be a veteran like LL.

But let me think…hey maybe he’s gay (maybe it is DL Cool J). I’d kiss a fag too. Do you La. Do You.


this brown girl said...

haha!! leave her alone. lol. no need to call out a fake butch. if it ain't in her, it ain't in her. maybe she's not even butch. yes, i have seen her in her element. i know. but still not every one who seems so, is so. everything isn't always what it seems. gotta add in thoughts and feelings.

Sunni Butch said...

Never called her butch. not once.

stamina_T said...

latifah can be my butch, femme or str8 anytime she wants...itz all gud.as long as she still got dem mahooosive tities.

you guyz ever been on a date and wondered when itz rite time to kiss da girl? dont get me wrong rite,coz i got game but with sum galz u just have to play it cool.

well i quess this technique work..sum of u mite no already and sum dont but imma spit anywayz.

i touched the tip of her hair while licking and biting my lower lip and said wow u really have nice soft hair. i then redrew from her...pretending i dont even want her. she was chating..then i touched her hair again but this time saying nothing and looking into her eyez while she talked. i lick my lips again...she was lookin so deep into my eyez and dat is when i got all da power again coz i new home gal was dying for sum sum of this in a bun.

playaz.dats just my two cents, sharing with da rest of U'z

be blessed

Sunni Butch said...

son. what?
her eyes what?
I see you are saying something about intensity. but it's too plain.
come again.


stamina_T said...

so wot u got to add to it then? wot u mean its too plain..express

be blessed

femmeone said...

WOW! I was really captivated by your blog. I had come across it from a websearch using the word "butch". Actually, I was trying to look up the term "last man", to see if that was a commonly used term, or just one my girlfriend made up :^)
I digress...I rarely look at blogs when conducting searches, I often think of them as meaningless or silly. But, apparently, it was "fate" that brought me here. I was immediately drawn in by Latifah, but it was your writing that enticed me - before I knew it, I had read the whole page. I say it was "fate", as my girlfriend is much like you described. As it is my first lesbian relationship, and my first butch girl, I actually find it all to be a bit fascinating. To read your thoughts helped me to understand a little bit more of what life is (and has been) like for her. So, I would like to thank you for the insights.

Also, I don't know if you have done any professional writing or not, but if you haven't, you should really consider it.

Thanks again for the late night education/entertainment.

A very femme girl,

Dark Daughta said...

Thanks for this.

I thought I was the only one who noticed the horrific/horrible transformation or perhaps de-evolution is a better word. As a young black boy dyke in the late eighties/early ninties, definitely a Black woman centered woman, I drew a lot of strength from seeing her being so proud and fierce. There was Ya Kid K, too, who was way more butch boy than Latifah. But she seems to have faded away.

CaribbeanQueen said...

No one person can be one way. We all have a different side to show, it's up to us to decide if we are ready to reveal it. When in the media, those actresses and actors strive to do what they can to continue maximizing their cash flow-even if that means acting as someone else. Acting as another person can be tricky though because you need to make certain that you are not losing yourself in the process.

Peace and love to all those their process. Let your process be your own, but don't limit yourself to one identity. Explore every part of yourself so that every part has a chance to be revealed.

Anonymous said...

i think Queen Latifah and LL Cool J are very good parallels. i saw a hysterical cover of U.N.I.T.Y. at the Miss LEZ event this week - as a feminist anthem (a capella, natch) - hilarious.

yeah - more on MC LYTE! please?