Corny Negroes Part II

The Triple B.

The trifecta.

You can be one.

You can be intimidated by one.
You can wish you were one.

You can be working your way up to that status.

The Triple B

The Bigger Better Butch.

The next cat. Probably the cat who watched the corny butch eff up and is now courting your ex lady or crush using the reverse technique.

The Triple B.

  • Probably lives alone or has her own sense of space.
  • Can get to work on time. With or Without a wake up call from you.
  • Misses you when you’re gone.
  • Misses you when she’s gone.
  • Knows when to leave.
  • Knows when to stay.
  • Probably has at least a dozen right answers.
  • Has a story tell. From the past.
  • Has no recent drama that would call them at 4am, crying.
  • Is an independent.
  • Has a plan and is sticking to it.
  • Has more than 2 friends.

The personalities vary. Cause anybody can do it. There isn't a perfect way to be the perfect match. If she's feeling're in there. She's smiling, calling back, texting first, hitting you with emails. She likes you. Get into it. not lost in it.

Some of you are wondering why Jay-Z is up here. Well. In many respects I think that negroe is ICECOLD. His thinking and lyrics have gotten me through many a rough patch. You can see the development of his emotions in regard to how he relates to women.

I'll give you MARCY to HOLLYWOOD

" All engulfed into honeys the pussy was tight
if she threw the pussy right I got mushy like
Damn baby I love you take all my cash
"You ain't got to lie Jay," you already gettin' the ass

She loved that I was a thug it turned her on
soon as I got soft it turned her off
I got relaxed put my feet up, starting dissin' my friends
.... that's when the ceiling fell in "

In Hey Papi.

It's seems that young Hov has grown a bit. Maybe embarrassed that his friends think he'll flip on him if any new jawn comes around. He takes the field and be comes a player. However, this isn't a bad thing for the formally Ultra Needy Butch. The more one chills with different personalities the more versatile your experience (game) will be in the future. You'll get your attention fix from more women than you can handle. And you'll start figuring out what YOU want and not what you can be for someone else.

" I was the worse
I used to switch chicks every day
Had niggas mad for real like "I wish he was gay" (or "wish she was straight ")
Cause they knew sooner or later hun was gettin' with Jay
Just a matter of time she was gettin' with Jay

I'll have your chick in the summer tropics sippin' on 'zae
Spittin' up in the Pacifics smoking spliffs in the shade
She used to love ya, but she feeling different today
You used to smother her, look at your honey slippin' away
Consorting with hustlers, niggas that be giving her space
She said she feel free when she's around me
I'm letting her do her and in turn she's doing me
She on the phone with her friends like how cool is he? "

If you want a Bad B*'d better be a Bad Butch.
Stay Focused.....


Gia said...

interesting quest you have going with this. i saw that you have mentioned your endeavor to promote this on craigs, DL and other places...i don't know if you're still trying to recruit, but in terms of bloggers, may prove to be fruitful.

there are groups in which the various butch/studs/femmes link their pages but there really hasn't been any firm connection to make a selective database type index to bring the community together into a working unit.

Sunni Butch said...

I'll check it out.