Gots to Be More Careful.

I can forgive the past.
but I can never forget it.

I'm making way for a new wave of queer success.
Who didn't know I was queer?

The dream is to:
  • Have a play.
  • Have a movie.
  • Have a VJ position on LOGO.
  • Have production credits everywhere.
  • Get married. [I need to stop]
  • Have some kinky sex with a tranny girl from brasil.
[They need to stop hating ! I'm butch. I'm not a man but giiiiiiiiiiiirl. ]

The "caught out" there factor is coming to get me. What do you get when you have great sex and perfect intimacy.
Nothing if it's two separate women. Im starting to read Ethical Slut. I don't know how to feel about that really. Personally, I get caught up in the hype, in the New York, Philly, London, LA of things. The confusion of too many influences of fly women around you.

In other news. I'm in another You Tube Video.

Here's the backstory.
It was a birthday + Anniversary + Purim celebration. My homeboy Rj and his lady Ora have been in a relationship for 10 years. Like 16 yrs til now. So he wanted to do a thing for her. If by thing I mean a fully choreographed and original musical production.

Check my "box" in
the last minute.


jack (aka angrybrownbutch) said...

Yo, it's funny - I've been reading your blog on and off for a while now, think I may have commented a while back and all, and always come back to it when I'm looking for words from butches of color. But until this post I never realized I know you! Or knew you, or maybe more accurately know of you. Whatever, you know how this community can be, you kinda sorta know a lot of people. So anyway, yeah, hi!

sparkle said...

i love your box. absolutely priceless.

your blog is dope. i look fwd to reading more. peace!