The Butch Caucus asks...

How would you pull a stripper?

By pull, I mean get at, get the number of, spike the curiosity, spark the romantic interest of .....
the ability to attract; drawing power.

The Butch Caucus asks: How would you pull a stripper?

by stripper I mean, a woman who dances, for money.
1.a person who strips.
2.a thing that strips, as an appliance or machine for stripping.
3.Also called ecdysiast, exotic dancer, stripteaser. a person who performs a striptease.

I do not mean sex worker.
That's really none of my business, until it is my business. Feel me?

TBC asks, How would you pull a stripper?

I'm seriously asking.

My cousin hates to go to strip clubs with me. I just can't seem to whip out my loot and throw it at a caged bird. I will watch and drink. I do not make it rain. However, for a feat of athleticism and choreographed seduction my hands start to warm, but that's more of a tip. I go into every situation looking for the phenomenal experience. The baddest bitch in there. I like to be shown favor. To know that I either came with, or will leave with the baddest woman present.

This is not the best mindset for a stripclub.

Nevertheless, there are women that I can't make myself pay.
They are emo magnified and illuminated. The BEST of all that is carnally provocative. And because she dances to Key Largo covers by billy holiday, etta james, and sarah vaughn. because she finds irony in a Kelis song, A smiths song, an outkast song.

I think she's smart.

and I think I could enjoy the irony of being with a woman like her.

I want to know real shit, like her real name.

And her real number.

And just then, Prince comes on.

I ain't got no money
I ain't like those other guys U hang around
It's kinda funny
But they always seem 2 let U down
And I get discouraged
Cuz I never see U anymore
And I need your love baby, yeah
That's all I'm living 4, yeah
I didn't wanna pressure U, baby
But all I ever wanted 2 do...

I wanna be your lover
I wanna be the only one that makes U come... runnin'!
I wanna be your lover
I wanna turn U on, turn U out
All night long, make U shout "Oh lover, yeah!"
I wanna be the only one U come 4

Shout out to Ooohzi.


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