Technical Definations

C / B's (celly breakers)
*or people you can't speak to.

So you're having a conversation. There may even be beef. You're talking it out. You think you are coming to some sort of agreement. Suddenly, the conversation escalates. You're freaking out. Everything in you wants to end the conversation. It's not right but it's okay. You gotta go or you are going to say things that can never be apologized away. Blasphemous vulgarities come to mind. You want to go you need to go. You slam the phone. Something has got to give. You're not stupid, you can't replace your computer, but something has got to break in order to take this edge off.

Slam !

It's done. You've thrown, punted, kicked, tossed, crunched, slammed your cellphone. The crack in the phone is better than a crack in a tv screen, in a window, better than a dent in a car, a bruised hand or ego. FUCK! Now, you are shouting your most honest feelings to no one in particular, pulling your hair, screaming into pillows,
taking a breathers, being angry. Like Mic Geronimo would say Shit's Real. Being misunderstood is one of the most frustrating feelings one can have: How could you? Why would you? Didn't you think to? Why would you think that I? What can we do when we are hitting the conversational wall.

Shit, man I don't know you tell me.

Cell phone's are getting expensive.


Anonymous said...

..not really on topic her...just letting you know i use to read your blog back in '05, computer crashed, relationship broke, moved across state lines AND could not remember the name of your blog......UPDAT::::yesterday, i'm reading up on my islam and DARN! right in the middle, the name came to me...
I'm so glad to find you back...LOL
glad you;re still here...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

it's working..see. see the letters! whoo! (you'll hear that a lot in cali).

oh and yes, when you threw a landline phone (back in the day) it was so much better because the shit had a lifeline (long spiral cord) so it would just like ..come back to you no matter how hard or far you tried to chuck it. i miss that.