In response to : An Open Letter

i have somethin to say about your 'i love women' speech

loving me, committing to me, being monogomous with me, does not mean
you have to stop loving women
women are amazing amazing amazing women are magical watery inspiring
women are falling down rabbit holes women are oceans and nighttime

loving women does not have to be about consuming women loving women
does not have to be about titties n ass loving women does not have to
be about dick n pussy loving women does not have to be about cumming
loving women can be about sunshine and rain - bringing the shine out
in women, letting women know they can trust you to cry

this is a challenge to you - you talk about being an elder, you talk
about your dreams and where you want to get to
but your actions don't match that talk and you say it'll take time -
maybe years - and you're not ready yet - to heal - because you don't
wanna become a different person, you don't wanna lose your essence
but the time is now bu - you put it out there that you want a
marriage, you want to start building family, creating community - i'm
here, i'm down, i'm your girl - the time is now

if you want this, if you want to build family, you can't be scattering
your energy, you have to be focused, and you have to trust me - you
have to be transparent with me, and trust that i will hold you.
you and i need to seriously build a foundation, build trust, if we
want to make dreams real, and this thing that's been happening between
us has been real challenging, but the time is now to transform it or
to let it go so it doesn't run us both down

i promise its not gonna be that hard to transform your understanding
of women - i promise there is plenty to be floored by even when you're
not imagining ass jiggling while you pound her. i promise if you go
deeper, you will not regret letting go of 'having tight game' because
you will be straight divinity, and everyone will see that comin outta
you, and the universe will conspire to lift you up


Emma said...

ayden and alexis, you are both brave, bold and lovely for having this dialogue. too often we have been/ are compelled to endure rejection, abuse and abandonment, so we can't be surprised at how unskilled we are in loving one another. learning how to flourish in love rather than survive and instinctively self-protect is the ultimate gut-check. does the capacity to unmask, affirm and receive remain somewhere within us after all head games, heartbreaks, lashing out, closing off and not letting in? real questions.

lex said...

thanks for the link ayden :)
i wanted to let you know that folks can get copies of that poem about the universe lifting us up in booklet form at
with a donation to the Day of Truthtelling Coalition.