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Letter from the Caucus...

Hola !

I just saw this listing [ed note. blog] as I scour the internet in search of businesses who cater to butch women's clothing needs... now that I finished with grad school and now need a suit where I can look good and queer and still keep my butch identity.

Keep me in your blog loop--Los Angeles is in da house!

Here is my response:

I know what you're talking bout with regard to suits and what not. As a matter of fact - I have a hard copy of TBC coming to a sidewalk bench near you. My dude does a blog called zapagringo...he's mad political and speaks to the indegenous zapatistas movement in chiapas...well he and i are cozining...putting out a dual publication of our blogs in hard copy.

The first topic thanks to your email is: clothing. I've been down the road before. seriously sweating what I was going to wear, to a interview, to a funeral, to a wedding. I like suits. but not ties. I got tig ass biddies. ya know. I'm exploring the bowtie as an option but no news yet.

#1. And I can't stress it enough the tailor is your best friend. No not some bougey custom italian mofo. I'm talking chinese lady at the dry cleaners. most cleaners do alterations.

#2. Shop on the Internet. The factory warehouse for online sales is going to have the exact length you need because they have volume.

Take a look at my horrendous experience at the hands of some dumb _____ at my j.o.

I'm trying to get masculine women to relate in a real way across the board.

If you've got Clothing Tips and Advice ?
Send an email to butch.caucus@gmail.com.

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