So I didn't.

don't know her at all.

I've only had the opportunity to see her twice.
the second time I was getting dissed.
but let me tell you how.

I'm not from here.
I just moved here.

Where I'm from.
The women pretty much tell you that they are interested.
Telepathetically, overtly, directly or the sexiest indirect flirt ever.
but you know. when you know.

here. Iunno....

So I have no idea where the restaurants are and I had a taste for sushi. real sushi.

A caught sight of a res, close to where I lived and hit them up after I got off.

Man, she had me at "May I Help You?"
Sis was Samoan...thick but short, you know.

Packaged. Straight black hair with eyes that made me forget her complexion.
we all have those days.

She had the most blank stare I'd ever seen.
Like someone making a conscious effort to forget something.
you know?

I ordered some shrimp thing...and I think she hooked me up with extra.
i was super trying to play cool.
I walked out to my car with the biggest smile on my face.
determined to work myself up to asking her out.
Just as soon as I had a taste for sushi again.


3 macking days later.
I returned.

I was going to ask her to the movies.

to dinner. For her #. Something.

I came in. And she was there.

I asked for a menu and made small talk.

back and forth. asking about her jewlery.

diamond posts. and two small rings on both hands.

on her wrists. were tattoos.
reading from right to left.

"Thug Passion"

I wrote
on the paper I was given to place my order.

I wrote
on the back.
"I'm not really here for sushi, I'd like to ask you to the movies"

She picked it up, and read it. and dearest Caucus. Her smile was brilliant. Like when you open the refrigerator at 3:00 in the morning. It was nuclear and gave off it's own energy. As she held it. the smile and the note. My heart swole. My confidence grew. and like a flash flood. her brood returned. and I realized that she couldn't or wouldn't go out with me.

I asked her

[to my cousin's, she wasn't there but she hates my lack of
couth in this department]

"You don't like women, huh."
She said "I get that SH*T all the time."

"It's not sh*t, you are beautiful. people want to get to know you. I want to get to know you."
She smiled,
This time only half way.

The first girl in the video Cupid by 112 reminds me of her.

Cupid doesn't lie

But you won't know unless you give it a try
[my man Slim said. "I'd rather die before I lie to you"]

Give it a try.

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Cecilia said...

Wow...that was deep stuff and I think as a fellow BUTCH that I have been there a few times myself. It's the line of kindness where it almost feels that it is more but STOP!!!