The Funk Dr. Spock is In.

First things first, I’m not the chief butch in charge. I’m spitting game as it was spit to me. I was hipped to the G and I’ve created this space for the science. This is for my cohorts, my fellow studs, AGs, baby butches and grown tomboys alike.

So back to the session at hand. I was talking to a homie of mine. She’s new to the game and had a question…

Q: What is the most fruitful way to get with a girl dats never been with a girl? hehe and A couple of my perspectives have dudes, but would be down.
Should i do the shit?

A: Hell no. Hell no. Um Hell no. but maybe you like drama. so in that case go ahead.
  1. A cheat. she's got no morality. fuck that. that means if it's her with her back against the wall...she'd sell you out. "she seduced me..." and make no claim for her feelings.
  2. Can you make it just about the bone. or are you gonna be all emo and try to “wife” her?
  3. If you can help it never be someone's first. Can you say awkward and strange sex. Then you gotta "help" them figure out whether or not they are gay. It's my policy to meet single women outside of the closet. I know it's me and not just "experimentation".

It’s a slippery slope indeed but if you are bored out of your mind sure, but there will be drama. You will get hurt. Chill with the starter chicks & respect that dude even though his lady don't. You'll want someone to do the same for you one day. Fuck a ho. Don't be one.

Now to the there any thing in it for you beside sex. If not then it's not worth it.

Whatcha think? What's your opinion. Hit me up.

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